Professional Development


TRIANGULATING EXPERTISE: A Professional development plan

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My journey in teaching has just begun. It is an exciting opportunity to further improve my understanding of both teaching pedagogy as well as deepen expertise and research in my professional field.

My belief is a holistic approach of research, teaching and professional practice will make me a well-rounded teacher for my students and allow me to contribute meaningfully to the college and my chosen profession in public relations and media.

Click HERE to read my reflection of scholarly practice and professional development. The chart above provides an at-a-glance depiction of where I hope to focus my time when I am not in the classroom:

  • Strengthen my skills and knowledge as a teacher through further training and research;
  •  Contribute to scholarly practice, especially in the media arts fields;
  • Research and innovate — both through applied and academic research — in the public relations and journalism fields especially with respect to the implications for education;
  • Stay current and innovative as a communications practitioner able to share and mentor with my students.





Currently, I am researching the increasing intersections between Public Relations and Journalism, and in particular, the implications for communication post-secondary education.  I will be presenting on Blurred Lines: The PR and Journalism Continuum (working title) at the 2016 PR World Forum hosted by the Canadian Public Relations Society in Toronto. 







In 2013, I completed ‘The Extroverted Organization: Managing reputation and achieving goals through communication and relationship management’ at McMaster University, which was presented in Banff, Alberta at the 2014 Canadian Public Relations Society Conference. To view the presentation and research summary, click HERE.